Corporate Event Venue

We know that many corporations and businesses need a place to get away from the office and work together as a team. If you are in need of a great space for a strategy session or company barbecue then Towering Oaks Haven is the perfect venue for you. We are situated in a quiet area with lots of acreage for a calm and peaceful getaway. Our place would make a great venue for a weekend retreat or any type of corporate celebration.


Blueberry Cheesecake Pie for Corporate event

Corporate Barbecue

Each year we host a corporate barbecue where the corporation brings out smokers and deep fryers and makes a big batch of catfish and barbecued sausage and brisket and everyone has a feast. The event is outdoor and they hire a DJ to make announcements, to play bingo and for a great time dancing on the lawn. During the event there are often prizes for the adults, but there are bounce houses for the kids, a petting zoo and so much more. Our venue is perfect for an event like this that allows you to be out in the country having a great time.

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